Off the shoulder polka dot blouse

Polka dots are fun!

Black and white polka dots

You really can’t go wrong with a black and white outfit. It looks polished and chic.

I bought this Uniqlo skirt in three different colours because it’s so versatile and has a classic shape that won’t date. It’s the same as the one I’m wearing in my ‘Magical Mint’ post. It’s not often that I’ll buy three of the same thing but I know I’ll get a good amount of wear out of these skirts, so I can justify it 😉

It’s great when you find things that you can wear year after year. Certain pieces are wardrobe constants. A well cut blazer, crisp white shirt, straight black pants and a pair of stiletto pumps are items that will never go out of style. On the other hand though, fashion is fashion and that means trends will come and go. An unfortunate situation for our budgets!

On that note, I love it when fashion trends last more than one season. Take off the shoulder tops like the one I’m wearing in these pictures. They’ve been around for a few seasons now and are set to be big again this spring/summer. Yay! That’s great for two reasons- the first one being I absolutely love them. I think the off the shoulder/cold shoulder look is so feminine and pretty. The second reason is because I have a LOT of them, so it’s fabulous that I can keep wearing them and still look up to date 🙂

It’s important to consider your budget when purchasing fashion items that may date easily. I have always been a savvy shopper and will not spend a lot on things that may no longer be considered current after a short time. There are so many stores that provide up-to-the-minute clothes and accessories at an affordable price that I simply don’t feel the need to empty my wallet on expensive items. Zara, Valleygirl, H&M, to name just a few stores that are always on-trend and well priced. If you want your look to stay fresh, while keeping a close eye on your budget, shop at stores such as these that offer stylish and contemporary clothes items at a very reasonable cost. It makes sense, right?
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Uniqlo skirt and polka dot blouse

Polka dot blouse and Uniqlo skirt

Black/white polka dot top      Polka dots and white skirt