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Don’t follow a fashion if it doesn’t suit you. There are always plenty of style options available, so you don’t need to wear a midriff top if it’s really not your thing. Having said that, sometimes a particular style may just need some time to grow on you. I’ve often found this to be the case for myself when a new style hits the shelves. It took me a long time to embrace the skinny jeans trend and now my wardrobe is full of them. Likewise with lace-less runners. Just give the new fashion trends some time and if they still don’t gel with you, steer clear.

Be brave with your choices, but only if you’re not going to stress about your outfit. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t wear it! There’s nothing more annoying than having your day or night ruined because you wore something that didn’t make you feel good.

Don’t focus on the size label. Wear what fits. Clothing sizes range from store to store. Sometimes items within the same store can vary in size dramatically. My wardrobe consists of clothes from size 6 to 12. I don’t care what the tag says, as long as it fits well. It can be frustrating, but it’s best to try a couple of different sizes to see what works for you.

Age appropriate dressing? There’s no such thing! If you feel good in an outfit, that’s all that matters. Who has the authority to tell you that you can’t wear something because you’ve reached a certain age? Absolutely no one. I often shop in stores marketed at a much younger age than I am but it doesn’t even cross my mind if I should be doing so or not. If I like the fashion, I will shop there and if I buy the clothes, I will wear them proudly. Everyone is different and if you want to wear a mini at 50, go ahead and do it.

My final piece of advice is simply to enjoy fashion. Have fun getting dressed and finding clothes and accessories that make you feel ready to take on the world. I know it may seem fickle and a little vain but you’d be surprised how great it can feel to rock an outfit you know you look smashing in. Lastly, don’t take this fashion thing too seriously. You’re bound to make mistakes from time to time. I know I do! Let’s enjoy styling together so we can feel fabulous walking out the door each day. Happy styling 🙂


    1. Thanks Mary. Yes, I am available to do personal styling. I am based on the Gold Coast. You can use my contact page to send your details and I will get in touch with you 🙂

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