Pink gingham pants

Gingham goodness

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Pink gingham Valleygirl pants with white crop top

Gingham is BACK!!! 🙂

Gingham has a tendency to come and go in regards to street fashion, particularly over the past few decades. Whilst always a staple for curtains and tea towels, gingham has a resurgence every few years, showing up on fashion runways and giving us fashionistas a chance to indulge in a ‘new’ trend. The first dress I ever purchased was a red and white gingham sundress. It stayed in my life for quite some time until it was no longer cool. Of course I’d love to have it now but that’s how things go in fashion. It’s the circle of life, in fashion form 🙂

These wide-legged pants were on sale from Valleygirl for $17.50 recently. I snapped them up because they are just so cute! It’s difficult to see, but they are a tiny pink and white gingham fabric. The crop top is a simple addition that I thought would go well with the pants and you can’t go wrong with a denim jacket. As much as I love heels, I decided to wear tan flats with this outfit because I was going for a casual look. You could quite easily add a pair of heels, if that’s your thing. Whatever shoes you choose, keep them a neutral colour such as beige, tan or white. A dark shoe would be heavy against this pale crop and pants combo. Enjoy your day!


Gingham Valleygirl pants with white cropped top and tan flats

Pink gingham wide legged pants with white crop top