Lime green blouse

Luscious lime

Lime green blouse with black and white skirt

How great is the colour of this blouse?!!! Another sale rack bargain from Target 🙂

I’ve always loved lime green. In fact, I have a top similar to this one that I’ve had for over ten years. I can’t bring myself to get rid of it because I still consider it cool and very wearable.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of things in your wardrobe. I have a philosophy that if I haven’t worn something for over a year then it needs to go, however I rarely follow it. Silly really!

I try to cull my wardrobe every few months but I’m not very good at it. I will often find myself making excuses for not letting go of something well over the 12 months-of-not-wearing-it mark. Having said that, I recently read an article about professional decluttering expert, Marie Kondo. She says you need to ask yourself whether each and every item you own ‘sparks joy’, so next time I do a wardrobe overhaul I will give that a try. I will ask myself if I truly love it and if I’m taking good care of it, as suggested by Marie. It makes sense. If you don’t truly love something, then it’s probably not enriching your life. If you have a similar issue to me, in that you sometimes struggle to let go of unnecessary items, then perhaps you could follow Marie’s advice as well 🙂

Today’s outfit is another example of using costume jewellery to spruce up your look. As I’ve mentioned before, you don’t need to spend a lot. In fact, the necklace I’m wearing in these photos was $3 from H&M. Because it’s black and gold, and relatively simple, I’ve found it goes with most things. I’ve already worn it a lot and it was purchased not long ago.

You’ll find plenty of stores that stock affordable costume jewellery. Try Colette, Lovisa, Myer, H&M and Kmart, just to name a few. It can really make a difference to your outfit.


Green long sleeve blouse with black and cream skirt

Green Target blouse with black and white patterned skirt

Lime green Target blouse with Forever 21 skirt