Black fedora

Fancy fedora

Check shorts with black blouse and black fedora

I’ve had this fedora for what feels like a million years. Well before fedoras actually became cool 😉

I really love wearing hats. They can transform an outfit. Imagine this shirt and shorts combo without the hat? It would look entirely different.

If you haven’t considered wearing hats, it might be worth giving them a go. They can really add some fun or sophistication to your look, depending on what style you choose. As I mention in my ‘Tips and Tricks’ page, you may need to try a few different styles to find out what best suits you. You could be lucky and look good in all varieties or you might need to stick with short crowned styles like me. Whatever it may be, keep trying, because you’re bound to find a hat that makes you look smashing!

Apart from the hat, the rest of this outfit is pretty simple. A black long-sleeved shirt, some cute check shorts, a pair of sky-high heels and I’m ready to rock and roll. Of course, a massive handbag to fit all of my stuff is a good idea too.

I hope you like this fun and playful look. If you do, give it a try someday!


Checked shorts with black blouse and black fedora

Black blouse and black fedora

Checked shorts with black long sleeve blouse and black fedora