Blue Adidas top

Let’s get active!

I take my activewear seriously. It doesn’t matter if I’m heading to the gym or just going for a run, I like to look polished. This means I will match my clothes, shoes and hat, sometimes even my socks 🙂 You never know who you might run into. Pun intended!

Of course, I don’t expect everyone to be like this. Some people just want to throw on an old t-shirt and shorts and get going and that’s perfectly fine but, for me, putting on some funky activewear is part of my motivation to train. Naturally, looking after myself and the happy vibes that come from exercise are my main motivation 🙂

As I often mention, I absolutely love putting outfits together and this includes my gym wear. I recently wore a Rainbow Paddle Pop-inspired outfit for a run. A touch silly but I found it fun! (I’ll show you in a future post)

Whatever you choose to wear, just make sure it’s comfortable. You don’t need to spruce up like I do but you do need to make sure your activewear is right for you. You want clothes that make you concentrate on your activity, not the discomfort of tight or ill-fitting gym wear. I’ve been there before and it made me want to give up and go home. You don’t want that, do you? Happy training ladies 🙂

Blue striped gym top

Floral gym pants

Fluro pink gym top