Fluro pink fitness singlet

Fluro fitness wear

Fitness, activewear,pink singlet

Time for a run!

Finding comfortable fitness wear is so much more important than how it looks. You aren’t going to be focused and motivated if your singlet is cutting into your armpits or you have to constantly hoist up your leggings. (A pet hate of mine.) If you can find activewear that is both comfortable AND looks fabulous, great!

Although I’m wearing leggings in these shots, I actually prefer to wear shorts when I go running. I find them a lot more freeing and I don’t have to contend with my leggings falling down, something that frustrates the heck out of me, as I just mentioned. Everyone is different though and I often see people running in full and half length fitness pants.

My suggestion for finding well fitting activewear would be to do as much movement as possible when trying things on. I know this can be difficult due to limited space in fitting rooms but do what you can. Try squatting and jumping up and down. That should give you an idea of whether it’s suitable or not. You might feel a little silly but it will be worth it, knowing you’re buying something that will serve its purpose well. Of course, you can always take clothes home and try them there if the store has a good refund policy.

So remember, as much as you like to look good, functionality is imperative in activewear. Get comfortable and get out there!

Fitness, activewear, pink singlet

Fitness, activewear,pink singlet

activewear, fitness, pink singlet



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