Mustard dress

Sweet mustard frock

I love this colour! There are a lot of mustard coloured pieces in stores at the moment. It’s definitely a colour to embrace for the upcoming spring/summer season. The statement sleeve look is still big too. I’m a fan, so I hope it’s here to stay for a while.

Fashion trends can come and go quite quickly, so I don’t spend a lot of money on them. I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to spend much in order to look good. You just need to choose pieces that suit you and accessorise them well.

This chic little dress is a new purchase from Valleygirl. It comes with a belt in the same fabric as the dress but I replaced it with this black one for something a little different. I’ll often do that to add variety to my outfits. As I’ve mentioned previously, you can create totally new looks by changing something as simple as a belt. Try mixing up your clothes and accessories and see what new outfits you come up with 🙂