frilled peach shirt

Pretty peach shirt

pretty peach shirt, patterened shorts, tan bag, beige shoes, fur jacket, peach blouse

Another great op shop find! I found this gorgeous frilly peach shirt whilst on a work trip to Sydney. It was a $7 bargain.

I can’t stress enough the wonderful pieces you might find in a charity shop. The quality of garments these days is usually very good. They don’t stock stained or damaged items, so you can be sure your product is totally wearable. I always look closely before I buy anything, just in case, but I do that in regular shops as well.

I’ve worn this peach coloured shirt with my brown patterned shorts a few times. I think the two colours look great together. I’ve also worn the shirt with a grey skirt before and that works too. Try putting colours together that you wouldn’t normally consider. You might be pleasantly surprised!