Gingham skirt

Flirt with a skirt

Gingham skirt

I’ve never been much of a skirt person. I’ve always liked them but tended to gravitate towards wearing dresses, shorts and lightweight pants during spring and summer. This year, I’ve found myself buying a lot more skirts because there are so many interesting and pretty ones on the market. Just last week I bought two gorgeous skirts from H&M. They were on sale and only $20 each. Bargain!

Skirts are an incredibly versatile fashion piece. They can easily be dressed up or down,  with a simple change of top or shoes. For instance, most skirts will work with a t-shirt and runners for a cute, casual vibe but will also work with heels and a blouse for a sophisticated night-time look. In this look, I’ve mixed the two by wearing a t-shirt and heels with my skirt. This creates an outfit that is predominately daytime wear but could also been worn at night to a barbecue or relaxed dinner. See?!!! So many options!

Another fabulous thing about skirts is the variety in lengths available- mini, midi, knee length and maxi. There are also many different styles and cuts to choose from- pencil, A-line, skater and tulip, to name a few.  Of course, a wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a denim skirt or two! There are so many options to suit all body shapes. I personally like them all but I’m particularly loving layered and ruffled styles right now.

Anyway, if you’re not already in love with the idea of skirts, I hope I’ve inspired you to give them a go. Try a few to figure out your ideal length and shape and go for it. You’ll find you can create a whole bunch of outfits with just a couple of skirts. Happy shopping!!!

Have a super fabulous day, love from Kylie xxx

Outfit costs-

  • Piper blue gingham skirt $30 (on sale)
  • Myer ‘High Rollers’ t-shirt $15 (on sale)
  • Lifeline shoes $10 (brand new)
  • Big W bag $10 (on sale)

Red shoes

Blue gingham skirt

Gingham skirt