Floral jumpsuit

Spring round-up

Floral jumpsuit

I’m a little late writing this post. After all, spring has already sprung in Australia. However, I do have a philosophy of ‘better late than never’ so here’s a round-up of my favourite spring trends for 2018.

I must admit, I had a little trouble deciding what to include in this list because there are so many styles I’m loving at the moment. I didn’t want this post to be thousands of words long though, so I culled a few and kept it simple.

Green- I’ve definitely been loving the green trend lately. Beautiful emerald tones, bottle green and pastel mint are all hitting the shelves and I love it! My old school uniform was green so I shied away from it for years, but let’s be honest, that was QUITE some time ago. Today, I’m embracing green with vigour.

Red shoes- Ok, so this one is nothing new. Red shoes have been having a moment for a while now. Certainly in my wardrobe anyway. Still, they’re going to be bigger than ever this season and I’m super pleased about that. A red shoe will brighten any outfit and give it a big old lot of pizzazz!

Full skirts- Beautiful and feminine. I love a full skirt. I like to pair them with a fitted top because it balances the fullness of the skirt. Bodysuits are perfect to pair with them. Adding some delicate heels and a pretty bag creates a look that’s chic and sophisticated.

Cropped flares- Yes please! I absolutely adore this trend. I must say though, as someone who’s on the shorter side, I do have to be careful when it comes to dressing in cropped pants. My solution to not looking like I’m even shorter than I am? Heels. The higher the better.

White denim- I love white denim. I think it looks incredibly stylish. On other people, that is. I have tried countless pairs of white jeans but none of them seem to look even remotely good on me. I am, however, on a mission to find a pair this spring. Failing that, I’ll try a white denim skirt. Beggars can’t be choosers 🙂

Jumpsuits and playsuits- These have been around for a while now and I’m pretty pleased they’re here to stay. Like a dress, jumpsuits and playsuits offer an ease of dressing, which is great, particularly if you’re time poor. No mixing and matching required. Just pop it on, add some shoes and a bag and you’re good to go.

Bright colours- Marigold, magenta, emerald, violet, red, fuchsia- all bright colours are gorgeous in my eyes. Pastels are also big this season and, whilst I definitely don’t mind a pastel shade, bright colours are more my thing. Bring on the rainbow!

Statement earrings- It seems we can’t get enough of statement earrings because it looks like they’ll be big again (pun intended) this spring. I think earrings are a great trend because they can really add to an outfit but often don’t cost a lot. Case in point- I recently bought 3 pairs of statement earrings for $10 at Colette and 3 pairs for $15 from Lovisa.

Floral prints- The perfect spring style. Flowers are all over clothes at the moment. I rarely see a dress without them these days. Not much really needs to be said about floral prints. They create a pretty, feminine look and most women love flowers, right? I know I do and if they’re on my clothes instead of in a vase in my home? Well, I’m perfectly happy with that.

Checks- Checks are never really out of style. Gingham and houndstooth will always have a place in fashion but it seems this season they’re bigger than ever. Not literally, although a big check is still cool. Checks of all sizes are being embraced on the catwalk and on the street. I’ll be embracing them in a big way too.

Puffy sleeves- I love a big, puffy sleeve. It’s out there and altogether cool. I already have a lot of puffy sleeved clothes in my wardrobe so I’m super happy this trend is continuing. One thing I don’t like about puffy sleeves? Ironing. Big sleeves are an absolute killer to iron. It’s fashion though, and I love fashion, so I’ll suck it up and iron until the cows come home.

Basket bags- I don’t own a basket bag, even though they were so ‘in’ last year. I think they’re cool though and will likely invest in one in the coming weeks. I just wish I had a trip to Bali planned. That’s where it seems the best basket bags are available.

As a side note, here are some fashion trends I won’t be buying into-

Over-sized suits- I think over-sized suits are really cool. On tall people. I am not tall, by any means. Therefore, I would look like I was wearing clothes that are far too big for me. I won’t be following this trend but I’m keen to see the look on other fashionistas.

Bike shorts- I own a couple of pairs of bike shorts. I occasionally pair them with a t-shirt to go for a run. As for wearing them at any other time? No thanks. I’ll leave that to the Kardashians.

Sequins- I think sequins are gorgeous and can really give an outfit some razzle-dazzle but my concern with sequins is that they fall off easily. Once I lose a sequin or two, I’m likely to feel messy. I wouldn’t cope well with that. Silly, I know, but it’s the truth.

So there it is- my round-up of the trends I love ( with a few I doubt I’ll be embracing) for spring 2018. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and I hope you’re just as keen on these spring trends as I am.

Have a fabulous day, Kylie xxx

Outfit deets-

  • Ally fashion jumpsuit $20 (on sale)
  • Novo tan heels $35 (on sale)
  • Colette bag $15
  • Kmart floppy hat $12
  • Lovisa gold hoop earrings $11 (for 3 pairs)

Spring outfit

Floral jumpsuit