George Michael tshirt

Wake me up!

george michael t-shirt

George Michael has a special place in my heart, so when I saw this t-shirt recently, I simply had to have it.

Careless Whisper was the very first song that I bought on record.  It was a 7″ vinyl that I played over and over again. Careless Whisper is one of those songs I will never tire of. Even today I get goosebumps when I hear it. It is just one of those songs for me.

This t-shirt was a fabulous bargain at just $10 from Kmart. I definitely would have paid more 🙂 It has longer sleeves than I like (I prefer my t-shirt sleeves quite short-it seems more flattering) so I’ve rolled them up. If you like your sleeves short like me, this is a great idea. It not only makes them shorter, it also looks rather funky!

For this outfit, I’ve paired my GM tee with cute striped shorts but I think it would look fabulous with bright red culottes or funked up with black skinny jeans and some leopard print heels. Like most t-shirts, it’s certainly a versatile piece. It can be endlessly mixed and matched. I plan on wearing it time and time again, in honour of one of my all time favourite rock stars 🙂

george michael t-shirt

george michael t-shirt and striped shorts