H&M orange playsuit

On fire!

H&M playsuit

How bright is this playsuit?!!! You will not go unnoticed in a colour like this 🙂

I found this glorious fire-orange playsuit at H&M whilst on holiday in Hawaii. It was on the sale rack for $25 and, luckily, it was in my size. It made my day!

I always advise having a good browse of the sale racks. Sometimes the cut of the garment might not be quite right or the fashion trend may be fading (hence the article being on the sale rack) but often, and I’ve proved this many times, there are fabulous  things that are just waiting to be snapped up at a bargain price. It might be a hassle to sort through the mismatched racks but you may find a treasure that will make it all worthwhile 🙂

I’ve paired my playsuit with tan accessories for this look because I didn’t want anything to detract from the vibrant orange hue. It’s a strong look and I like it that way but if you’re a little shy about so much colour, you can always add a jacket to tone it down a bit.

Tan accessories are my go-to, They work with pretty much everything, so it’s a good idea to invest in a few items because you’re bound to get some good use out of them. They don’t look heavy against pale colours, like black often can, and they don’t compete with brighter colours, making them a great choice for most outfits. I’m all about affordable fashion that can be worn time and time again, so I strongly recommend buying some key pieces that work with the majority of your wardrobe. Tan accessories are my number one pick!

orange H&M playsuit

Orange H&M playsuit