Lovely leopard

Leopard print pants

I’m obsessed with animal print. Always have been, likely always will be.

The best thing about animal print is it doesn’t seem to ever go out of style. Whilst it certainly has some moments of intense popularity, you will never look outdated if you wear it during those not so popular times.

For those of you who are not quite ready to don a pair of animal print pants, (I understand, they are a little on the ‘out there’ side!) you can always wear animal print accessories such as a scarf or shoes. Even an animal print belt will add extra style and interest to an outfit. The great news is, animal print is really having a moment, so you’ll find pretty much everything in some sort of jungle print these days. Dresses, skirts, shoes and bags, you name it, I’ve seen it. I even have a running cap in leopard print!

Have a great weekend. Kylie xxx

Outfit cost-

  • Portmans pants $30 (on sale)
  • Kmart crop t-shirt $6
  • Big W shoes $15 (on sale)
  • Big W bag $10 (on sale)
  • Aviators $10

Leopard print pants


Leopard print pants

Animal print pants

Leopard print pants

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