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  Lace playsuit

I culled my wardrobe this week. It felt sooooo good!

To be fair, I could have done a lot better than I did. I wasn’t quite as ruthless as my over packed wardrobe warranted. Still, I managed to wave goodbye to 15 or so dresses and a few jackets. I even said farewell to a few items still sporting their tags which, let me tell you, hurt!

Are you someone who culls your wardrobe in one big go, like me, or do you have the philosophy of ‘One goes in, one must come out’? I quite like the idea of getting rid of one item to make way for another but it just never happens with me. I definitely keep more than I need, particularly since starting this blog. You never know what might come in handy when doing a flat lay or putting an Insta outfit together!

I’ve mentioned in a previous post about only keeping those things that bring you pure joy. Well, this is true. I’m just not very good at it. How about you? Is your wardrobe a treasure chest of goodies? Or have you got clothes in there that haven’t seen the light of day for 5+ years?

About this outfit- This Lipsy playsuit is definitely one of my treasures. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular when I found it. It was just one of those magical things you stumble across. I think it’s perfect because it can be worn day or night and has a lovely girly quality about it. Playsuits are a sweet look. They’re definitely not for the rocker or grunge types.

I usually wear tan or beige accessories when I wear white but I think black can look great too. It’s a stark contrast which often works well. You can even try coloured accessories with white, if you’re brave. Red, pink, baby blue, whatever you fancy. There are no rules in fashion 🙂

Enjoy your week, Kylie xxx

Outfit costs-

  • Lipsy playsuit $50 (One of my more expensive buys)
  • Novo shoes $35 (half price)
  • Colette bag $20
  • Aviators $10

Lace playsuit

Lace playsuit

Lace playsuit


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