Little green clutch

Gorgeous green

green bag, green shoes, blouse, jeans

How fabulous are these green shoes!!!? I’ve actually had them for many years, so unfortunately I can’t tell you to rush out and buy them 🙁

I remember wearing these shoes in Sydney a few years ago and a lady followed me through a store to ask where I got them. I felt terrible because they were already a few years old back then, so she wouldn’t have been able to get them. For the record, they are from Sportsgirl 🙂

I am always so happy to tell people where I purchased an item from. I have absolutely no problem with someone wanting to wear the same thing as me. In fact, I take it as a wonderful compliment.

For this look, I’ve let my beautiful green accessories be the focus of the outfit. Not much else is needed when your bag and shoes are so eye-catching. A beautiful cream blouse, skinny blue jeans and a pale gold necklace and you’re good to go!