Green top and checked shorts

Glorious green

Green Valleygirl top

Another Valleygirl bargain! This top was a steal at $7.50. Half price, thank you very much 🙂

I’ve worn my new top with my trusty black and white checked shorts for this look. They seem to go with everything! It’s the same with my striped shorts. If you don’t already have some black and white shorts, I suggest you go out and get some. Pronto! They’re beyond versatile and a fashion mainstay.

I think this top will also be great with jeans when the weather gets a bit cooler. A statement necklace and some chic heels will make a great date night outfit and the addition of a faux fur jacket will really funk it up. It’s perfect for a casual look too. Blue denim shorts and white sneakers would work well, as would a sweet floral mini skirt with ballet flats.

Simple things can often be the best. You can mix and match to your heart’s content!

Hope you’re having a great week, Kylie xxx

Outfit details-

  • Valleygirl green blouse- $7.50
  • Forever 21 checked shorts- $20
  • BCBG shoes- $65 ( A bit of a splurge for me)
  • Sportsgirl bag- $10
  • Earrings- So old I can’t remember!

Green blouse

Green Valleygirl top

Green blouse


  1. Hey love This is stunning! Thzt green is my favourite colour in the whole world so where can I get this top from please!!! If I hD yr legs I’d get the shorts as well but my legs are fowl lol so the top it is! Xx I know it says Feb but there msy be some floating around that I can check the store, supplier?? What size is the one yr wearing for comparison please! Love all yr outfits and style tips. Always do fashionable but all are extremely classy! Xxx thankyou Love, Sandy xxx

    1. Hi Sandy!

      Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I’m pretty sure you’re the only one that has 😉

      The top is from Valleygirl- Size 8. It was on sale when I bought it, so it’s probably gone by now 🙁 There might be one floating around in an outlet store though. You never know! Stock moves pretty quickly in that store because it’s so cheap. I worked there for a while over Christmas and if I wanted something, I had to buy it straightaway, otherwise it was often gone within a week. Occasionally they re-do items though. They might even use that fabric again for something similar. I’ll keep my eye out for you and let you know if I see anything.

      Thanks again for looking at the blog and thank you so much for your lovely compliments about my outfits/style tips. It means so much to me. More than you can imagine.

      I hope you’re having a great weekend!

      Lots of love, Kylie

      P.S. I’m sure your legs are lovely. Just like the rest of you xxx

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