Comparison is the enemy!

Leopard dress


As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve decided to write about a little more than just fashion. Whilst fashion will always be my main focus, I want to mix things up a bit and talk about other topics.

Today I’d like to talk about the number one destroyer of self-esteem- COMPARISON!!! I’ll admit that I’m very guilty of it, particularly when it comes to the social media/blogging world.

As someone on Instagram and Facebook, I often find myself discouraged when I see my follower count go up and down or, worse still, not move at all. I also find myself discouraged when I look at fashion blogs similar to mine and see hundreds of comments and obvious engagement. This is where the comparison problem comes in. When I look at these blogs and social accounts, I begin to doubt my ability and my self-esteem suffers. This way of thinking is futile and totally destructive. I have never once questioned my sense of style, even back in those days when I probably should have! So why now? Nothing’s changed. It’s simply my perception.

It’s easy to get lost in the ‘unreal’ world of social media. As you all know, most people only put their best foot forward on the internet. They’re not going to post a photo of themselves looking like crap or tell you about the argument they had with their boyfriend. They also won’t show you their messy kitchen or the piles of laundry that needs washing. (Okay, so some people will, but it’s rare. You get my drift) They’re going to show you their best selves, in beautiful morning light, relaxing on a hammock in the Bahamas. To compare ourselves and our lives to this kind of unrealistic dream is crazy, right?

I remind myself daily that I didn’t start my blog and social media fashion accounts for the followers, likes, etc. I started them because I truly love fashion. I love putting outfits together. I can spend many hours playing in my wardrobe, creating new looks. I can also spend ridiculous amounts of time shopping, looking for something in particular or simply browsing for inspiration. Because I love fashion so much, I wanted to show other people what works fashion-wise and inspire them to dress well and take pride in their appearance. This was, and still is, my sole purpose. I didn’t set out to sell products through my online presence (though I have absolutely no problem with those that do and would be open to spruiking something I genuinely liked) so if I only have a handful of people seeing my posts, then so be it. It really shouldn’t matter if I have a hundred followers or a million.

So, with all that said, if you’re guilty of comparing yourself to others like I am, I say we make a pact. Right here, right now. NO MORE COMPARING. What other people have or do is none of our business. We are our business. Let’s just be our best selves and be content with that.

Have a fabulous day, Kylie xx

Outfit cost-

  • Supre dress $15 (on sale)
  • Sportsgirl earrings $11.50 (on sale)
  • Sportsgirl turban $5 (on sale-many years ago)
  • Discount store sunnies $5
  • Nordstrom Rack clutch $15 (on sale)

Leopard print dress

Leopard dress


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