rainbow dress

Bringing colour to 2018!

colourful dress

Happy New Year!!! Are you excited about 2018?

2017 was a year of learning for me. I was new to the world of blogging and social media and, let me tell you, I soon realised I knew NOTHING about it. I’ve learnt a lot in the past 6 months but there is still so much that I don’t know. I’ll continue to learn as I go along.

Whilst one of my resolutions for the year is to consistently update this blog, even when the technical side of things is making me want to rip my hair out, I am also going to be kinder to myself and not apply as much pressure on myself as I usually do. Sometimes it’s hard to get good photos and sometimes the words don’t flow quite as easily as I’d like, so during those times I will relax and know that it’s okay if I skip a few days (or even a week or two) of blogging. This blog is a joyful habit and I want it to remain that way.

Another resolution I made is to do less shopping. That is, clothes and accessories shopping. Who am I kidding?!!! Why would I make a resolution like that? I love shopping. It makes me happy. I guess what I want to do is think a little harder about my purchases and ensure the things I buy are going to be loved, cherished and, most importantly, WORN. That’s probably a good resolution for me to make.

About this outfit- I love this dress. It’s bright and colourful and screams FUN! I usually tone it down with neutral shoes and accessories but I decided to go to town with this look. Striking earrings and ultra bright red heels make for a look that is pure joy in my eyes. It’s attention seeking, for sure, but I don’t mind a bit of that 🙂

I  sincerely hope 2018 brings you more love and happiness than you can possibly imagine. We all deserve that. I also hope you follow along with me on my blogging journey. That would make me super happy. Hooray to the new year!!!

rainbow dress

coloured dress