Pink bodysuit

Bravo for bodysuits!

Pink bodysuit

I’m obsessed with bodysuits at the moment. I can’t get enough of them.

I remember having bodysuits back when I was a teenager. I’d wear them with jeans and think I was pretty cool. They disappeared for many years but have finally come back. I’m certainly making up for lost time 🙂

The thing I love most about bodysuits is that they don’t need constant tucking in like a shirt sometimes can. If you buy the right size, they will stay put the whole day long, even if you bend and stretch your arms a lot. Fitted bodysuits are also great for wearing under a jacket. No bulkiness, which means a polished, streamlined look. The bodysuit I’m wearing in these photos is a great basic item. I’ve got it in a variety of colours and wear them as I would a t-shirt. They go with pretty much anything- skirts, jeans, dress pants and shorts. They’re also great for layering under sweaters and jackets in the cooler months.

Of course, with all the positives to bodysuits, there is inevitably a negative. Toilet stops. What a pain in the butt it is to undo your bodysuit every time you need to use the bathroom. As well as being time consuming, snapping them back together can often be an awkward and arduous task. Oh well, small price to pay, I say. Bring on the bodysuits for another 50 years!

Enjoy the rest of your day, Kylie xxx

Outfit cost-

  • Valleygirl bodysuit $10
  • Forever 21 skirt $20 (This skirt is a couple of years old but there are plenty of similar styles currently in stores such as Valleygirl and Forever New)
  • Kmart headband $7 (Pack of 2)
  • Valleygirl earrings $5 (on sale)
  • Nordstrom Rack purse $15 (on sale)
  • Steve Madden shoes (very old)

Pink bodysuit

Floral headband

Pink bodysuit