Blue drape pants

Blue drape pants

blue drape pants, black jacket, floral blouse

These blue drape pants have been a wardrobe favourite for a couple of years. They were $19.95 from Valleygirl. A great buy, particularly considering how much I’ve worn them.

Drape pants are a fantastic wardrobe item because they are dressy enough for the office or a dinner date but also look fab with runners and a fitted tee. The soft fabric is very comfortable and flattering, which is important when buying clothing. You want to look good but feel good too, right?

When purchasing items, the key thing to consider is the fit. Does it fit and flatter your shape? All bodies are different so it goes without saying that not all clothing will fit well on you. Through trial and error, you can find out what works and what doesn’t. Many, many times, I have gone into a change room to try something on and found that it doesn’t suit my body type. It can be disappointing, that’s for sure, but I certainly don’t want to wear something that’s not right for me just because it’s in fashion or I really like it on the hanger.

Find clothes that make you feel fabulous. They don’t need to be the latest ‘must-have’ item or a designer copy, they just have to make you feel confident and joyful when you wear them.


Blue drape pants-stylebykylie

blue drape pants-stylebykylie